Getting Customer Feedback You Can Actually Use

Getting customer feedback is easy these days… find an online survey tool, create a survey, send it to your contacts or a rented list of contacts and compile the results.

Honest Feedback and Perspective through 3rd party distributor survey

Getting useful customer feedback with minimal effort, on the other hand, is not that simple. Creating a properly designed survey requires a great deal of thought into how the questions are asked and how the responses are evaluated. It also requires effort to solicit quality responses.

Most importantly, it requires perspective. Industrial Channel Research is focused on providing perspective for our members to make feedback useful. A cornerstone of our program is the comparisons to other manufacturers fighting for the same mindshare. After we conduct surveys for our members, we share their results with them in the context of how other industrial manufacturers fared on the same topics.  We find it’s often less important how your company rated in isolation than how its rating compared to similar companies fighting for the same mindshare.  Perspective.

We also don’t simply hand big reports to our members and wish them luck.  We help our members understand what the feedback means and help them turn it into action.  Perspective.

If you’d like to learn about becoming an ICR member, please drop us a note at or call 630.503.6093.

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