ICR – Making Surveys Less Intrusive

A good portion of our Industrial Channel Research (ICR) program relies upon surveying the distributors and customers of our member industrial manufacturers.

We know surveys can be time consuming and tedious, but people complete them because they know their feedback helps manufacturers improve the value they provide.

At ICR, we’re doing our best to make the process less painful for survey respondents by conducting multi-supplier surveys. This allows us to be more purposeful in which manufacturers and which questions we include on a survey. Today you might receive separate surveys from a dozen manufacturers each year… if they join ICR, you’re likely to get one survey per year with fewer questions about each.

So, if you’re receiving a lot of surveys from a large number of industrial manufacturers, ask them to consider consolidating their survey approach through ICR.

Bart Schwartz is President of Industrial Channel Research, a company focused on helping industrial manufacturers understand customer needs and perceptions. He can be reached at bschwartz@icr-survey.com.

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