Q: What is the motivation for respondents to spend time completing the survey?

A: Distributors have a vested interest their suppliers’ success. They want to provide this feedback.  End users are similarly motivated if they do a significant amount of business with a distributor or supplier.  Also, most participants choose to provide additional reward for survey completion.  Response rates vary based on a number of factors, but suppliers almost always have enough responses to draw interesting conclusions.

Q: Why do participants have to ask invitees to complete the survey rather than just letting ICR do it?

A: This is an investment of time on the part of invitee. Most will not invest the time unless they believe participants are serious about using the information.

Q: Will my company’s specific information be shared with others?

A: ICR does not reveal any individual scores and feedback with anyone except that participant. Additionally, participants will not be able to tell how specific invitees responded.

Q: Suppliers don’t look at all distributors the same way. Can my company see its responses broken down by type?

A: When we ask suppliers for their list of distributors, they can indicate into which “segment” each distributor falls.

  • We provide four standard segments: Agent/mfg rep, cataloger, integrator, technical distributor
  • Supplier can define up to three other segments

Q:  Will you be able to compare my scores year-after-year?

A: Yes, once we have multiple years of your responses, we will be able to chart your progress.  If you are making a change in your business, this is a great way to chart success.

Q: What is the typical survey completion rate?

A: It depends.   Participants with a small number of invitees tend to get a high percentage of invitees responding as those participants tend to be relatively more important to those invitees.  However, participants with a large number of invitees tend to get enough responses to ensure a representative sample.  Our experience has been that 30-50% of distributors complete the supplier-distributor survey.  The end-user surveys are in the 10-20% range.

Q: What is the timing of the program?

A:  We run surveys constantly.  We launch surveys on Monday nights and each one runs for three weeks.  However, most of the surveys are run as quarterly, multi-supplier surveys in which the respondent can select which suppliers to evaluate.  The advantage of this is a much higher response rate than would have been achieved in a single supplier survey.

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