Supplier Assist

Suppliers place high value on end-user feedback. In exchange for connecting them with their end users, distributors receive an 80-90% discount from the standard fee on the Distributor Performance Survey (i.e., suppliers are subsidizing distributor surveys).

Here is how it works.

  1. Distributor identifies email addresses of end users purchasing supplier’s product in past 12 months
  2. Supplier sends distributor an email to forward to those end users
  3. Distributor makes slight tweaks to email as necessary and forwards to end-users
  4. End-users have three weeks to complete the survey; distributor will be asked to send a reminder during process
  5. Once supplier survey period is over and some of distributor’s end-users completed the survey, distributor can start its survey process

Note: Supplier NEVER sees the identities of respondents.  ICR only requests contact information so that it can conduct raffle and send gift to winner.


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