“As a leading manufacturer it is critical we stay connected to our customers, employees, and distributors. ICR’s unique research model and supporting professional services are a highly effective mechanism for us to derive key insights, year after year, and globally in a confidential manner. The ability to gain these insights, take actions as a result, and then measure impacts is invaluable. “

Chris Stanford
Global Channel Development VP
Henkel (Member since 2017)

* * *

“Customer feedback and market insight drives our strategic planning and tactical decision making. For the past 5 years, SCHUNK has participated in the ICR program in North America, Latin America and Europe for input to our strategic processes. The response that we get through ICR, especially the comparisons to other industry leading participants, is invaluable.”

Milton Guerry
SCHUNK USA (Member since 2013)

* * *

“We’ve been participating in ICR for four years now and find it to be a great “check point” for us to better understand how we are executing against our strategy. Because it’s executed by a 3rd party we get the benefit of learning how we are perceived by both existing customers and potential new customers. In addition, it’s a great way to see how we stack up against many of our peers in the industry. Overall, ICR is a great value!””

Nate Schmid
Director of Marketing
Weiler Abrasive Group (Member since 2014)

* * *

“ICR gets us to useful insights in a way we simply could not replicate… primarily the ability to tap into a broad sampling of the market and to put our feedback into context vs. other similar companies. More importantly, ICR helps us turn insights into discrete actions we take to improve our business… they are a trusted adviser.”

Doug Adkins
Executive Vice President
Mitutoyo America (Member since 2013)

* * *

“The comparisons to other companies we get via Industrial Channel Research really help us understand where we are doing well and where we need to improve. And the ability for us to design questions about real-time decisions we are contemplating is really important. We also find the automation-specific insights extremely useful.”

Frank Langro
Director – Marketing / Product Management
Festo Corp. (Member since 2015)

* * *

“ICR has been a great partner in understanding behaviors, attitudes and preferences among our key constituents in industrial marketplace. Bart is a master of market research craft and our surveys benefit from it. His insight in the industrial market add relevant context to findings. Finally, ICR continues to innovate processes to make project management smooth and efficient.”

Silvija Papka
Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing & Communications
Snap-on (Member since 2012)

* * *

“The information collected from ICR surveys provide beneficial insight into what our customers value, their perception of our brand and how we compare to others in the industry. The data collected gives us valuable information to generate measurable actions and provides a benchmark and means against which we can measure ourselves. It’s been an excellent resource to objectively capture feedback and a means better than we could do on our own.”

Maria Cartier
Marketing Manager
PFERD (member since 2016)

* * *

“ICR is a key tool to understanding our customer and partner needs. It allows us to make decisions based on facts, research, and information enhancing our business by providing additional value to these customers and partners.””

Colin Frost
Chief Operating Officer, Carr Lane Manufacturing (Member since 2016)

* * *

“I wanted to share with you some feedback and thanks for your service. The Industrial Channel Research program does an exceptional job of helping us understand our strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace. ICR’s outputs and insights have enabled us to confirm and course-correct current practices / initiatives in addition to identifying new improvement opportunities. Participating is easy and strongly recommended for any manufacturer in the industrial space. Cheers!”

Tom Wood
Director of Marketing
Bimba (member since 2014)

* * *

“Success in today’s rapidly changing marketplace is highly dependent on listening and addressing our end-user customers and channel partners’ needs and concerns.
ICR has become a valued partner in identifying areas where Dynabrade has been able to differentiate itself and functions where we can improve. The executive summary of the survey results is helpful to brief the C-Suite while the very detailed reports have proven to be helpful to our sales and marketing staff to develop focused improvement solutions.
Participating is easy and based on my experience over the past five years, I can highly recommend ICR to companies of any size.”

Hardy Hamann
Dynabrade (member since 2013)

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